Driving Innovation

About Us

It’s crunch time. You’re in the lead. You have the technology and the vision. If only you had more experts—and above all else—the right people to drive profit to the bottom line. This is Prymus. This is what we do.

Prymus Group meets the challenge of quickly delivering effective innovative solutions to businesses while leveraging the current market and positioning our own company for future growth and sustainability. Our approach: merge the best of human capability with the best of technological capabilities. This approach is  the catalyst for our success in transitioning from a staffing support company to a 21st century innovation and technology services provider.

Who We Are:

Prymus Group was founded in 2001 with one clear mission: to use our knowledge and resources to support our employees and customers in achieving personal, business, and life goals. Our principals:

  • Recruit and retain the most talented and dynamic people
  • Provide our corporate partners with customized, comprehensive staffing solutions
  • Uphold the highest standard of business ethics

Since its inception, Prymus Group has grown extensively and our products have changed dramatically—yet, our core principals have remained intact. They are tantamount to our continued success. Our client list includes several of the top corporations in the US, but we give the same level of  committed to every client—from ‘grass-roots startups’ to global conglomerates. This is what enables Prymus Group to thrive in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

What We Do:

Prymus Group LLC helps our customers maintain a competitive advantage. Our goal is to constantly ‘Drive Innovation by structuring our what we do around three services: People, Strategy, and Solutions.  We provide  complete ‘one-stop’ solutions to our clients, strategic partners and employees through unparalleled consultative support. We help our clients grow, our strategic partners thrive, and our employees excel by approaching each opportunity individually and objectively.

Our Core Competencies:

  • Developing ways to combine the best of human capabilities with the best of technological capabilities.
  • Rigorously testing and upgrading our products and services against industry standards
  • Incorporating the principles of capability maturity modeling (CMMI) for continuous product and process improvement
  • Recruiting and retaining experts in …
    • Technology
    • Project planning
    • Training
    • Systems and performance analysis
    • Customer support

For a detailed description of the Prymus approach, visit our “Services” page.